Acupuncture is a Yin-Yan balance treatment. Fine needles inserted at specific points in the body or meridian for therapeutic purpose.

Pain Relief
I’m scared of needles, is it possible to relief my pain with acupuncture by only one Needle shot?


The answer is YES! Have you ever wondered the mechanism behind how acupuncture needles are placed, and the purpose of its placement?


Every single Needle insertion works by triggering nerve/awareness stimulation to releasing the surrounding muscles, and/or redistribute energy within the meridians. A good acupuncturist sees these points works as the lever of the Archimedes, well planned and precision needle insertion(s) will be encouraging the body to re-activate its self-healing mechanism and correcting any imbalance in the body that causes discomforts or pain. Physiotherapeutic treatment of acupuncture needles at pressure points, with meridians are approaches serve for different symptoms, recovery status and individual physiques. Since human body are made of complex signal-organ structures, after appropriate diagnostics acupuncture not only smooth the pain caused by wares, it also has ability to strengthen your immune systems, mental pressure, or other imbalanced sickness. Give it a try, you may only need one acupuncture needle shot, to bring your stamina back!!


Pain Relif from:

  • Headaches
  • Back pain including lower back pain
  • Shoulder, Hand and Wrist pain
  • Neck pain