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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Formulated Chinese herbal medicines are unique heritage of the world, ingredients can be sourced from plant, mineral, animal, or insects. Ingredients has been thoroughly processed according to ancient art with strict international pharmaceutical standards. Prescriptions are based on the principle to tune, initiate or promote the return of individual’s self yin-yang balance. Upon the needs exterior use of the medicine can also been apply to sooth muscular/joint soreness, meridian stimulation or facial/skin rejuvenations.

Herbal Tea

In many cultures herbs, flowers and teas are often considered as best solution to maintain daily health and food supplement. History of Chinese herbal teas goes back to 2,500 BC, Royal courts and Taoist tend to drink Huang-Qi(a kind of dried bark) or Da-Zao (dried red date) as useful ingredients to Bu-Qi (refill the Qi into the body). In Chinese we beliefs what different plants grows in different seasons, it will carry it unique Qi (a kind of energy) to survive and Yi (an intention to grow). Herbal tea are usually considered as less potent than medicine, but effective on daily consumption with minor herbal/medicine dose. Although herbal teas are widely available, but professional opinions are highly recommended as best way to match individual’s health status, physiques and the seasons of the time. Professional Chinese medicine doctors will use observations of individual’s pulse reading, tongue phenomena, respiration and physiques to adjust/add ingredients accordingly. Apart from medical oriented supplements, herbal teas can also be used for refreshments and diet enhancements(especially effective on lower limb’s moisture removal or stomach/heart burnings). All ACNZ herbal teas are packed in easy carrying tea bags and convenience to use.