A good acupuncturist can pin point and apply stimulations on correct meridians/relaxation areas to acts as a turn-on/off of muscular system(s) switches according to your need. Kindly select your preferred services, do not hesitate to call us if there is any questions about our services or making a reservation.


Acupuncture is a Yin-Yan balance treatment. Fine needles inserted at specific points in the body or meridian for therapeutic purpose…

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In many cultures herbs, flowers and teas are often considered as best solution to maintain daily health and food supplement. History of Chinese herbal teas goes back to 2,500 BC, Royal courts and Taoist …

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Hay Fever

Hay fever is mainly caused by allergy of the respiratory tract caused by pollen. The disease mainly affects the respiratory tract, digestive tract and eyes…

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Pain Relief

Cupping can be considered as a higher level of massage, Applying vertical and rubbing movements by tools or hands has effects to soothes muscle tensions and enhance circulations…

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