Dry Eyes Syndrome


Dry Eyes Syndrome

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription precision acupuncture and tailored diets, are effective to reduce or resolve dry eyes symptoms.

A dry eye is an irritating condition that is caused by insufficient tear secretion to moisten the eyes. It may be caused by many reasons such as excessive tear evaporation, uneven tear distribution, allergy, inflammations, or even rush from over rubbing that is caused by foreign matters in the eyes.

Dry eyes are a common symptom as our handheld devices are equipped with stronger lights, and contents are streamed with powerful flashes. Such symptoms have turned into a disease alike without the microbes. The age of Clinical patients is lowering each year, and contact lens users and air-conditioned room workers are particularly affected as these lenses cannot withhold moisture as naturally as human eyes, and environments are conditioned in close confinement to temperature instead of nature moistures.

Dry eyes can be the lead cause of severe eye disease, TCM pathogenesis sees the cause of dry eye syndrome as related to the body’s incapability to find the balance of body fluid/tear secretion when organ needs, and moistures of eyes representing the essence of yin. TCM sees an individual’s circulation and balance (yin and yang) of five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth). The eyes are the external organ that resembles the liver(wood), and the moisture of it represents the counter energy of the kidney(water), when water is lacked the internal energy of fire starts to dry the woods, as the result reducing the force of the circulation, and make the energy of fire go into a limbo of dryness and normal., in simple the physique is in lack of qi(energy) to complete the energy circulation. Lacking Qi may be due to insufficient sleep, staying up late, or the exhaustion of the eyes and brain energy. Dry eyes are symptoms of many causes, it may also be triggered by eating spicy or deep-fried foods, or may cause kidney/liver stress beverages. If it gets worse, it may affect the constitution of the liver and kidney, and harm the organs.