Hay Fever

Hay Fever



What is Hay fever?

Hay fever is a “pollen allergy”, which has obvious regional and seasonal characteristics. Hay fever is mainly caused by allergy of the respiratory tract caused by pollen. The disease mainly affects the respiratory tract, digestive tract and eyes, and shows rhinitis, conjunctivitis, skin allergies, asthma, and anaphylactic shock through allergic reactions. Symptoms usually include nasal itching, a lot of clear watery nose, continuous sneezing, nasal congestion, and itchy ears, eyes, throat, headache, severe may cause such as dyspnea, urticaria, and eczema.


Acupuncture can effectively relieves hay fever symptoms

According to Dr. Benno Brinkhaus and team’s clinic study show, “Hay fever sufferers who underwent 12 acupuncture sessions experienced fewer symptoms and required less antihistamine medication compared to a control group, researchers from Charite-University Medical Center, Berlin, Germany, reported in Annals of Internal Medicine.”


Reference: Souce from MedicalNewsToday