How Traditional Chinese medicine sees allergies?


Western medicine sees frequent allergic conditions as a kind of character of individual’s constitution. But in Chinese medicine, calls it as body’s endowment intolerance. Endowment intolerance, means a individual’s physical network(body) is lacking sufficient strength in Qi(energy of human) and Blood(A sort of blood carried nutrient, circulation network that runs in vein) to defend or drive-off allergens;if allergy prolongs there will be a window for diseases or allergens to invade, health will be jeopardized and turned into allergic.


Chinese believe that people are born with physical differences, as the result minor allergic symptoms may perform on skin, but severe scenarios may invade organs which may leads to dysfunction or system failures.


Chinese medicine sees any external elements that can effect health as an external-evil, Allergens is an great example of it, but it does not limited to it, different temperature, moisture can also been seen as external evils that leads the symptoms to allergy.


Chinese medicine is evident a reliable way to treat allergic diseases. A health individual should improve its own ability to defend/remove external-evils, Correct diets, medicine, acupuncture, massage, cupping or other treatments are simple enhancements or empowerments of these two functions.


To set the treatment program, Chinese medical doctors will use visual(by color or rush distribution of the skin), audio(by conversing to listen to the inner strength of the patient), smell, temperature, meridian flow, pause, or physical/chemical methods to capture symptoms correctly then to analyze its etiology, and pathogens.


In Chinese medicine believes skin responsible for temperature adjustments, and diseases relate to it are often drive or cause by elements of wind, heat, and dampness.  As patient’s organs loss it balance of yin and yang, bodies’ self-detoxification ability will reduced which may leads to severe allergies.


Chinese medicine believes that food and allergic are closely linked. Individual who have poor stomach Qi tends to have poor metabolite abilities, such as weak to absorb and transform food into energy and wastes.  Apart from the skin, Chinese medicine also sees spleen Qi partner with stomach’s function as a team.  If spleen Qi is weak, which may leads un-digested substances become excess allergens to cause skin allergy or related diseases.


Use eczema patients as an example, In initial treatments patients tends to follow doctor’s strict diet orders, conditions will improve well and effectively. As symptoms reduces, patients tends to relax and starts to misbehave by eating inappropriate/difficult to transformed foods, which allergies will returns in matter of hour, and whole treatment process needs to restart again from the beginning.  Making the disease worsen and depressing, sometimes patients may even blame doctors for not comprehending the evolution of the disease or lose confidence in treatment orders.

Skin allergies


In our opinion, physique is a unique quality of each individual, so as allergies.  In Chinese medicine’s point of view, if a system took time to loss its balance from healthy state, it will also requires equal(or longer) time return its balance to health, or a balance diet on daily basis is the best way to stay away from sickness.